International Conference on Pharmaceutical Paint 50 Year Anniversary UMM

Pharmaceutical Studies Program, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), for the first time to hold international events. The event titled The International Conference of Pharmaceutical Care (ICPC) was held in the theater room of UMM Dome, Saturday (19/04).

UMM Rector II, mFauzan, M.Pd in ​​his address to the 200 participants who attended stated, as part of a series of events milad UMM to 50 years, all faculty at UMM will hold an international seminar of this kind.

Associated with this activity, FIKES UMM Dean, Yoyo Bekti P, said after the accredited B, Pharmacy encouraged to make breakthroughs. In addition to equip new equipment for laboratory, pharmaceutical interactions among scientists of determination is also made to strengthen the academic and professional study programs.

"This conference marks the anniversary of Pharmacy 8th and 50th Anniversary UMM. One of its purposes, to establish communication among pharmaceutical experts from various countries, "Yoyo said, in a press release to the ROL, Saturday (19/4).

In the implementation of the ICPC 2014, UMM took Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD) as a partner committee (joint committee). The event put together with various interesting sessions that allow participants to interact academically and professionally.

Chairman of the Committee, explained Nailis Shifa, Plenary Session presents an expert in the field of clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical communities from within and outside the country. Participants in this session are students, academics and practitioners of the Indonesian pharmaceutical. Higher education institutions participating pharmacy is unud, UNJANI, UNSOED, UNEJ, and UNISSULA. Not to forget, some hospitals from different regions such as Dr. Moerdjito RS, RS Premier Surabaya, Surabaya Darmo RS, RS Telogorejo, Jombang Aisyiyah RS, RSU Darmayu Roxburgh, National Starch and RS Partners. In addition, there are also several pharmaceutical industries also participated including representatives of PT Boehringer Ingelheim, Merck PT, PT Surya Prima Pharma Roi, and PT Karya Mina Husada.

Meanwhile, Oral Presentation and Poster Session followed by researchers from various universities in Indonesia and foreign students studying in Indonesia. Among others from Germany, Spain, Libya, the Netherlands and Malaysia.

Added, Nailis, speakers who attended, among others, Prof Dr Syed Azhar Syed Sulaiman from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Prof Bob Wilffert of the University of Groningen Netherlands, Liza Pristianty, dean of Pharmacy, Airlangga University, and moderator Dyah Aryani Perwitasari, dean of Pharmacy UAD.

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Azhar convey topics Patients’ safety. Lecturer University of Michigan graduate is the winner of the best pharmacy educators boon Asia-Pacific version of the Ishidate Award. While Willfert talk about “Individualization of Therapy, Implication in Clinical Practice”. Professor of pharmacotherapy and clinical pharmacy is the head of Pharmacotherapy & Pharmaceutical Care at the university. While Liza deliver material “The application of Good Pharmacy Practice in Indonesia” (Application of Good Pharmacy Practice in Indonesia).


ITB Students Challenged Candidates Reject besides Jokowi

Communities Secretary Alumni ITB Select Jokowi , Adamsyah WH , ask students of the Institute of Technology Bandung ( ITB ) to be fair . When a college student was refused earlier arrival Jakarta Governor who is also the presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle , Jokowi alias Joko Widodo , the same thing should also be made ​​to the presidential candidates and other party leaders . ( Read : Jokowi ITB Student Expelled from Campus ) .

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According to Adam , ITB students must also address the critical event that will be held Muslim Student Association ( Gamais ) ITB on May 10 to 11 later . Therefore , the event will invite a number of party leaders . ” Anyone who comes compulsory figures criticized . We ‘ll see if they had the courage to reject the presence of another character , ” said Adam , Saturday, April 19, 2014 .

Some figures are scheduled to be presented in a series of events called the Islamic Leadership This festival is a presidential candidate from each party . That is chairman of the National Mandate Party Umun Hatta Rajasa , President PKS Anis Matta , Chairman of Shura Council Star Party Yusril Ihza Mahendra , and the National Awakening Party cadres , Mahfud Md . In addition , the steering committee also plans to invite the chairman of Muhammadiyah Din Shamsuddin . ( Read : It Jokowi Reject Reason ITB Students in Campus ) .

Adam said at ITB alumni refusal students did not question the arrival Jokowi on Thursday, April 16, 2014 . Rejection was , according to him , part of the dynamics of the campus . ” Let’s see if students also dare refuse another character . Dare If not , then what’s with ITB Student Council ? ” he says .

The planned arrival of a number of party leaders is justified by one of the festival organizers Islamic Leadership , Lia N. However , according to him , the committee is currently reviewing the plan . The committee is still studying the impact of rejection Jokowi Thursday . ” Yeah , yesterday’s incident makes us think again , ” said Lia . ( Read : ITB Claims Neutral in Democratic Processes ) .

According to Lia , the concept of the event is likely to be replaced . The committee is considering re - name the name of national figures who will be invited on the show. The committee did not want to be associated with the arrival of the guest speaker ‘s presidential election on July 9 . ” We studied the incident yesterday ( rejection Jokowi ) , ” he said .


Ferry Captain Sewol : My Very Shame and Regret

Ferry captain South Korea (ROK ) , Sewol , admitted regret and shame with what he had done . It was revealed when he was questioned by the coast guard .

" I am truly sorry and very embarrassed . I do not know what to say , " said the 68-year -old captain , Lee Joon - seok , as reported by the Belfast Telegraph , Friday ( 18/04/2014 ) .

A senior Coast Guard official , Kim Soo - hyun , said officials were investigating whether the captain is the person who first climbed into the boat when the evacuation .

Not only the captain of the ship , President Chonghaejin Marine , ferry owners Sewol , Kim Han - sik , also apologized . He even bowed deeply and said through her ​​tears .

" I have sinned , I have to be put to death . I lost the words , sorry .. I ‘m sorry .. " Kim said sobbing .

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Sewol ferry had left Incheon , which is located on the southwest coast of South Korea on Tuesday, April 15, 2014 for an overnight trip to the southern resort island , Jeju . There were 475 people on board , including 325 students from Danwon High School in Ansan , near Seoul .


XL, Indosat, Telkom, Support Content Balance Train Tickets

Passenger rail electric trains can now fill Jabodetabek multitrip card balance ( KMT ) with electronic money service from telecommunications companies XL Axiata , Indosat and Telkom . The service has been activated on Thursday ( 17 April 2014 ) .

This service is intended for users who dominated the KMT train Jabodetabek electronic ticket transactions . PT KAI Commuter Line Jabodetabek ( KCJ ) noted , there are 600,000 electronic ticket transactions per day . Of this amount , approximately 55 percent of passengers using multitrip card .

Customers one of the telecom companies must first activate the electronic money account , Cash XL , Indosat wallet , or Telkom T - Money .

When the KMT balance recharge , users must enter a 16 -digit card number printed on the back of the KMT . KMT refilled then be put in a vending machine to complete the process of reloading station or a transfer of funds of an electronic money service telecommunications company .

Vending machines are now available in three stations , namely Sudirman , Bogor , and Jakarta City . This year , it plans vending machines will be installed at 20 other stations in Greater Jakarta .

Indosat President Director and CEO of Alexander Rusli said , the presence of electronic money service telecommunications company aims to support government programs that focus on improving and enhancing the quality of the transportation system . In addition , this service also allows customers that do not need to queue when filling the balance of the KMT at the station .

Users who fill the balance of the KMT with electronic money service from telecommunications companies incur an administration fee of Rp 2,500 per content balance .

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In the meantime , if you fill the balance of the secured card Daily Ticket ( THB ) or single trip , an administration fee is charged at Rp 350 .


Sale USD 17 Million, Google Glass behavior

Google Smart Glasses Glass became available to the public in the United States . Although sold quite expensive , sophisticated gadgets Google claims that sold well.

Google online marketing Google Glass for one day only worth $ 1,500 or approximately USD 17 million , as a test market . Previously , Glass granted only limited and sold on the developers and those who selected Google .

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According to Google , white Glass version is up , indicating these expensive gadgets reap no little interest . Indeed, this kind of smart sunglasses , which offers capabilities like a smartphone , and a relatively new type of gadgets like never before .

In the future , quoted by CNN , on Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) , maybe I will make a new version of Glass at more affordable prices . Due to the price in the range of tens of millions of dollars , there are many who consider it overpriced .

Currently , Google Glass is still controversy as perceived invasion of privacy , where the gadget can record photos and videos secretly . Google seems to be looking for solutions and educate the market on various issues affecting the Google Glass so successful in the market .


The Best Option Long Hair Styles for Men

HAIR length is not limited to just belong to women , but also men . In fact , you will see a lot of men with long hair and looks really interesting .
This trend has emerged both in the media , too mainstream . Long hair on men can also make them look good , but should conform to the style am alive . You have to make sure you do not interfere with long hair looks .

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Here are some hair styles for men with long hair and a character that suits your lifestyle , reported by Boldsky .
skater boy
Skater boy hair style has more to do with your lifestyle fun . This hairstyle has long hair that had a part in the side at one end of the hair , while shaggy pieces of the model along the other end of the hair . There are ways to make it more stylish haircut , you have to apply the lotion to wet hair , then set it . Comb your hair with fingers and end with a blow-dry . This hairstyle suits all types of faces .
Cool curly hair
If you have curly hair and want to try long hair , you can apply it without having to ruin the appearance . The trick, apply gel to wet your hair curly and dry it with a blow dry . You will look fantastic with this view .
Display rock star
Do you want to emulate your favorite rock star to lengthen your hair to look like them ? Well , here’s your chance to do so ! Dry your hair to start styling . Use a flat iron ( clamp ) to straighten your hair . Once this is done , you have to put some polishing crème to the ends of your hair . It is important for the long hair care for men .
look different
Want to look like a different guy and experienced while enjoying the long hair ? Well , here is a style that is meant for you . Use a little hair oil on your wet hair length . Once done , let your hair dry . Make sure you use this technique only if you have a good volume of hair . It is the best hair style tips for men with long hair .
You ‘ve got long hair , but then always feel your hair continues to enter the eye . This can be very annoying . What would you do in a case like that ? Well , there is a ponytail hairstyle that can save you in this case . Ensure wet hair when you start arranging the hair into a ponytail style . Apply gel on your hair from root to tip . Now brush your hair into a ponytail .


Anas Ask KPK SBY and Ibas as Lighten Witness

Former Treasurer of the Democratic Party , Anas Urbaningrum through his lawyer , Word Wijaya asked the KPK to summon President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Edhie Baskoro Yudhoyono ( Ibas ) as defense witnesses for him .

According to the Word , SBY were questioned as it deems necessary to know about giving money USD $ 250 million to be used as a down payment car purchase TOYOT Harrier . The car is thought to be one form of gifts or gratuities received by Anas related Hambalang project and other projects .

While Ibas , according to the Word , to know about the implementation of the Democratic Congress in Bandung because when congress took place around 2010 , Ibas becomes the steering committee .

"We therefore ask the Commission to be presented to the investigator and Mr. Pak SBY Edhie Baskoro as a defense witness who can explain this , " said Word on the Building Commission , Kuningan , Jakarta , Friday ( 11/04/2014 ) , after accompanying Anas examined as Hambalang suspects .

In addition , according to the Word , SBY is to encourage parties Anas Democrats won Congress in 2010 . Prior to the Congress , the Word says , Anas following the meeting with Yudhoyono at State House . Also present at the meeting , State Secretary Sudi Silalahi . According to the Word , in a meeting at the State House to Anas Yudhoyono stressed that confront Marzuki Alie who also ran for chairman at the time.

" There was submitted to Mas Anas that what would happen if the Democratic Party led by Marzuki Alie , the emphasis continues to Mas Anas Pak SBY , " he said .

Word added , the meeting at State House is an important meeting that preceded the implementation of a Democratic Congress in 2010 . Anas He denied using the money to finance pemenangannya corruption in Congress .

" If Mas Anas already explained that he only had a team of volunteers who never target the financing process , but the actual implementation process involving Congress , Pak SBY and Mas Ibas know exactly , let alone be a meeting at State House , " he continued .

Meanwhile , after being questioned by the KPK , Anas assess Ibas investigation team should check to confirm receipt of money about 200,000 U.S. dollars .

Previously , the Word calls Ibas received 200,000 U.S. dollars . But he did not elaborate background giving the money . Anas related parties these accusations , SBY team of lawyers and family have been denied .

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SBY team members and family lawyers , Palmer Situmorang , lamented the ways Anas attorney who judged the publication puts effort than legal approach .


Sound Box Takes Delivery of Supportive

Deposit box and the 2014 election ballot took place conducive . It is recognized directly by Jacob Hadiansyah , as the security officers conducive elections , in the Village Office Aren Jaya , East Jakarta , Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) At 11:50 pm last .

The portly man also admitted , has not come home since yesterday . Because of busy waiting deposit the ballot boxes from 112 polling stations in 22 neighborhoods and two polling stations in the crease longer Calcutta. Recently completed ballot boxes collected at the headman’s office at 05.00 am in the morning.

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" It still exists some employees have not come to the office , it is natural pack .. we work till dawn . Humans there are also a limited power " . Ahmad said when asked about the City News continuation calculation ballot box .

Ahmad also said it will conduct a plenary meeting at the district office Aren Jaya tomorrow , precisely on Friday ( 11/04/2014 ) at around 09.00 am in the morning . The meeting was intended to make no mistakes and correction in calculating the number of ballot boxes and citizens .


Open Pre-order the Samsung Wireless Charging Cover

Ahead of the launch of the Galaxy S5 on 11 April , Samsung had already released the first four models Charging Cover ( cover for battery charging ) , which is now available for pre-order purchase . This accessory doubles , which can provide protection against device from impact , as well as a battery charger using wireless technology .

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Carrying the Qi wireless charging system , the back cover comes standard with a choice of two colors ( black and white ) . Prices charged at U.S. $ 29.99 (equivalent to Rp . 330 thousand ) . Meanwhile , the flip cover version of the S - View is also available in black and white , with a price of U.S. $ 69.99 ( around Rp . 770 thousand ) . The back cover will work with various types of charging pad that supports Qi wireless standard .

Beyond that , Samsung is also preparing a cover charge which do not use wireless technology , in the form S - View FlipCase for U.S. $ 49.99 ( approximately USD . 563 thousand ) . Color choices include Black , Rose , Green , White and Pink . As for a stylish cover pouch wallet with a place to store credit cards , can be purchased for U.S. $ 39.99 ( approximately USD 440 thousand ) . This variant is available in a choice of colors Black , White and Green . All models will feature a gasket for protection from water .

Other accessories include a spare battery with capacity of 2800mAh . Only by paying for U.S. $ 50 ( U.S. $ 550 thousand ) , you will get a package that contains a backup batteries , a charging case , and an extra wall charger .

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Chairman KPPS and stab each witness Hanura

Fisticuffs between Hamdan ( 40 ) witnesses Hanura candidates , with Badarudin ( 30 ) Chairman of the Voting Committee ( KPPS ) 3 occurred in the village of Deer Causeway , District Jejawi , Ogan Ilir Histories ( OIC ) .

As a result of the incident , both of them should get treatment in hospitals Kayuagung , because they suffered stab wounds .

Hamdan suffered stab wounds in the lower back and abrasions on the arms . While Chairman KPPS 3 Badarudin suffered stab wounds to the left chest .

Information compiled , both commotion began when , at the election vote count Causeway Village Deer TPS 3 , starting on Wednesday ( 09/04/2014 ) at 13:00 pm .

When counting both involved noisier mouth because , as chairman KPPS Badarudin often wrong in calculating that Hamdan was reprimanded by the witness . Because if often one of fear can tally up the night .

Around 15:30 pm , Had been a noisy mouth , so Badarudin upset and went home which was not far from the polling station , because the position of the two opposite simply cleaved by the way , when Hamdan went home that has been invoked by holding Sajam Badarudin .

" When Hamdan approached directly using Sajam stabbed in the back right , when it also Hamdan, who was also brought in the waist Sajam reply directly to the left chest stabbed Badarudin , " said Invisible Criminal Police OIC AKP Surachman accompanied KBO Criminal Ipda Sulardi .

For the incident local people directly intervene both, because both are equally injured were rushed to hospitals Kayuagung with police escort .

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" Currently we have secured the goods - proof ( BB ) two sharp weapons belonging to the two suspects , so there were no casualties in this incident , both are equally suspect , " said Sulardi .